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by ryota yokozeki studio

noki_LO_wood_back angle.jpg

Noki chair draws from both architectural and natural elements in Japan. The shape of the backrest, with a distinctive lip on the top, is reminiscent of the eaves under the roof of rural Japanese houses, a feature known locally as "noki". The designer Yokozeki wanted the upholstery on the seat and back to resemble snow settled on a bench, or indeed the eaves of the houses in his native Gifu prefecture.  These ideas and memories gave life to the form of the chair, while adherence to the strict and precise rules of proportions ensured the correct balance to produce a deceptively minimal, yet beguiling chair.      


noki chair    W410xD520xH830




chair frame in solid oak or solid walnut
seat panel in plywood
upholstered parts padded with high-density foam

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