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Natadora is a collection of distinctive, well-crafted furniture that is built to last. The style combines elements of Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern together with diverse contemporary influences from around the globe. Timeless, unpretentious pieces with a refined elegance and enduring quality for a discerning global audience.    

Owned and operated by a Danish family, our work is guided by a passion for thoughtful design, quality materials and flawless execution. We blend the best elements of meticulous craftsmanship with efficient production, bridging the gap between craft and industry


Cameron Foggo 
Cameron Foggo's designs have a pared-back quality reminiscent of mid-century design. Although masculine in appearance, the pieces have soft edges evoking calm beauty and subtle luxury.  
"Elegant, sophisticated and timeless are the words I hope most embody my work,”says Cameron. “I enjoy designing pieces that are relevant now, and will be well into the future."

Cameron’s designs are characterised by skeletal frames and earthly natural materials. The use of American oak, walnut, black steel and sumptuous leathers, provide serenely beautiful pieces.  

Each design is a statement in functional simplicity

Tim Webber

Tim Webber Design is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

"As a furniture designer I look to create designs that are fresh and innovative, yet simple and clean. I have a real focus on the quality of my product and the integrity of materials. I make products that will be a testament to solid, functional design for many years to come".

The Tim Webber Design studio has gained international exposure through a wide variety of online sources and magazines. 

La Selva  

La Selva is a design studio led by Manu Bañó and David Galvañ, based in Valencia and Mexico City. The duo covers ranges of products based on new needs and user profiles, with a great fixation for detail and the study of new materials.

Patryk Koca  

Patryk Koca is a Sydney-based product designer with a passion for pragmatic functionality and poetic beauty. Within his practice, Patryk engages with a variety of activities including design consulting, lecturing and product development. His robust understanding of materials, process and the technical aspects of design, has led him to collaboratively develop new products for a number of high-end Australian and international furniture and interior brands

Ryota Yokozeki  

Ryota Yokozeki spent 10 years working as an industrial designer for Sony before establishing his own design office in Tokyo in 2017. A graduate of Kanazawa College of Art, his work focuses greatly on improving our experience of design, with forms and sensibilities shaped by use. Furniture, products and appliances by Ryota have won international awards and been selected for the permanent collection of the Vitra Design Museum

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