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by cameron foggo

department and fable window.jpg
Department Attendant_edited.jpg

A simple, solid wood plinth combines perfectly with thin metal legs to form an elegant platform for the soft rounded forms of the upholstered sections; a simple but confident example of commercial/domestic crossover style, smart and comfortable without being overly plush


department sofa
2350W x 940D x 730H
2050W x 940D x 730H

department modular components
1200W x 940D x 730H  no arm
1450W x 940D x 730H  1 arm
1850W x 940D x 730H  1 arm
950W x 1750D x 730H  chaise
950W x 2150D x 730H  long chaise
 x 1750D x 730H wide chaise




matte black steel leg
timber base frame made of solid american oak, solid american walnut, or solid american oak stained black
high density foam with feather and fiber on all cushioning

Deparment-sofa-natadora-web (2).png
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